Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Donkey and Horse Steal the Show in Interview

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During this coronavirus pandemic, Arnold Schwarzeneggerhas some unique friends keeping him company. 

Back in March, as social distancing and stay-at-home protocols ramped up around country, the iconic star took to social media with a personal PSA for staying out of restaurants and avoiding public gatherings. However, it wasn’t what he said, but who he was with when he said it that made some headlines: his miniature horse, Whiskey, and his donkey, Lulu. 

“Arnold Schwarzenegger’s coronavirus PSA is important. But what’s up with the donkey?” a Los Angeles Times headline read last month. While he had previously posted the animals on social media, his four-legged friends got some renewed attention thanks to their co-starring roles in the actor’s video. 

On Thursday night, they popped up again as the former governor of California appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! via video. Naturally, they stole everyone’s attention as Kimmel caught them at the end of lunch. snacking on cookies and carrots. 

“They just like to participate a little bit with the lunch. I hope you don’t mind,” the star said as he hand-fed them the treats. 

Kimmel inquired further, wondering if they’re free to roam the house. 

According to Schwarzenegger, definitely. “They roam around the house. They go upstairs. They go downstairs. They are all over the place. They watch me when I work out,” he noted. “They fight of course for the same food.” 

“My favorite desert is oatmeal cookies and, of course, they take all of my oatmeal cookies away,” he said. 

As for, well, bodily functions, Kimmel asked if they’re house-trained.

“They’re not trained, but they really rarely go and take a dump in the house,” Schwarzenegger said frankly. “It happened one time in the kitchen while we were cooking, but that was ok. It just smelled a little bit from Wiener schnitzel and from poo at the same time, but that’s ok. It doesn’t bother us.”

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