How to Unlock Every Show on Netflix

Now, I am very sure that NETFLIX of all things requires no single introduction, explanation or comparison. But for the sake of all those that have been living under a non-digital rock for the past few decades. Netflix is a multi-billion-dollar streaming company that focuses on a subscription-based market. This means that you, as a customer, can pay Netflix a separate monthly fee based on the package you want [different packages come with different viewing options and ranges. The higher the package, the more the devices you can use to watch Netflix on at once]. Netflix gives you access to a wide array of tv shows, old and new, movies ranging from new releases to old classics, and even a good selection of educational documentaries. 

So, you are not just rotting your brain watching dumb movies all day. You can stand a chance to learn one or two things from the platform. A good chunk of these movies, tv-series, and documentaries are all original Netflix content. This means that aside from giving you access to your classic everyday tv shows and blockbuster movies, Netflix went out of their way to write, fund, produce, and direct brand new, never before seen original content for their customers to consume on their platform that you cannot get from anywhere else because Netflix licensed those properties and are now sole owners because they own the rights to those original movies, tv-series, and documentaries.

VPN for Netflix

But with all good things, there must always be a downside. You see, Netflix operates worldwide, but the funny thing is that people worldwide do not all have access to the same Netflix and are not all watching the same tv shows, movies, and documentaries. This is because Netflix chooses to show certain shows, movies, and documentaries in certain parts of the world while refusing to show them to other parts. 

No one knows why they do this, and some could say that they have looked at the data and noticed that certain tv shows, movies, and documentaries thrive better and receive more views and streams in certain parts of the world, and they go almost unwatched in other parts of the world.

There is a straightforward and easy way to fix this so that you can gain access to all the available content on the site. Make use of what is called a Virtual Private Network, or a VPN for short. This tool gives you the ability to mask your IP address [ which is your identity on the internet] and make it look like you are in a different place in the world entirely from where you are.

 For example, if you live in Canada, and there is a tv series streaming on Netflix in Germany. Simply activate your VPN and select Germany from the list of countries provided for you, and boom, Netflix will think you are in Germany. All their Germany content will automatically be available for you.


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